The day i was employed by Sanitation Solutions Group (SSG), i was just fresh out of university with zeal to work. I was not only excited to earn a little penny but also thrilled to practice my passion; WASH. I have always loved anything that revolves around WASH.

Well, week one came and i was so eager to head out to the community to market as well as educate households about sanitation. I just wanted to pass the little knowledge i had attained throughout my school time. With enthusiasm, i would approach a household and give a brief introduction.

“Hello, my name is Deborah and i work with Sanitation Solutions Group.”

“Good, so what does Sanitation Solutions Group do?”

“We empty pit latrines and septic tanks.”

After a deep short silence, “Since when did ladies start working in fecal companies?”

You can imagine the look i had on my face! This did not happen once or twice only but multiple times. Also every Friday, i would call the week’s customers to get their feedback and thank them for their support; i still got this weird exclamation, “you mean ladies also work in SSG!”

When these questions popped in my ears, lots of interrogations would run in my cerebrum. Who says anything to do with poo is for only men, and who says women cannot equally be passionate and hardworking in fecal sludge management. Well, i am glad i love WASH and i will never be intimidated to talk about poo.


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