Gloves among other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are vital in the emptying sector. Gloves are made of rubber and are worn to protect hands from direct contact with fecal sludge hence ensuring hand hygiene. Hands are most sensitive and are usually the ones in contact with everything; surfaces, objects,  which could potentially harbor microorganisms. When infected fingers are in contact with the digestive system; people get exposed to diarrhea diseases.

At Sanitation Solutions Group (SSG), it is a commandment for every operator to have a pair of gloves as part of their uniform. We understand that operators have to be protected from fecal contamination. It is a rule that every operator has overalls, gum boots, gloves and a nose mask to keep them protected as they work. The operators understand it more and when it is time to go for emptying, they will not step out to empty unless they have all their protective gear.


Operators protected with over alls, gloves, masks and gum boots
Operators dressed in Personal Protective Gears

Much as SSG cares for customers, it also cares about the staff. Their health is a priority hence all  staff are protected on site. The operators never want to work on customers seeming unprepared onsite. Preparedness starts with being smartly dressed in protective gears.





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