Sanitation is a basic necessity; access to a clean sanitation facility is every individual’s right.  Clean and safe toilets not only free people from diseases but also provide them a life of dignity. Toilet are sometimes taken for granted, overlooked or regarded as mundane, yet one of the indicators of a healthy home is a clean toilet. Arthur claims a toilet is his other office, “I cannot stand a sick toilet because I do some of my creative thinking while there.”

Below are tips to have a healthy sanitation facility.

Clean your toilet

Your toilet should be cleaned and sanitized daily to remove dirt, stains and kill microorganisms. This can be achieved with a wiper, water, detergent, disinfectant and a cleaning brush. After cleaning, a toilet should be left dry to reduce any chance of microbe breeding. One has to pay attention to the floor, walls, sink, toilet bowl and lids.

Limit fecal contamination

This can be attained through provision of toilet paper and hand washing facilities with soap. In this modern era, many people may be tempted to think it is only toilets with hand washing facilities; however, pit latrines should also have one. This can be creatively improvised through making tippy taps.

Gender consideration

Many sanitary facilities have no sanitary bin. The immediate question that comes to mind is; “where are the pads disposed of?” As an employee of Sanitation Solutions Group, I know that most pits are filled up with rubbish that could have been done away with through provision of bins in the sanitary facility. Rubbish in the toilet increases the maintenance cost. It is also ideal to separate sanitary facilities; male and female for convenience purposes.


Sanitary facilities should be maintained regularly. This involves checking every plumbing pipe to detect any leakages, inspection of manholes to identify any blockages and whether a pit / septic tank is filled up. Once any of the problems is noticed, it should be handled immediately to avoid overflow / back flow of fecal content that could potentially affect health

Upgrade your pit latrine

One does not need billions to achieve this as there are Sato Pans and ceramic pans in the market at an affordable price. These pans can be easily installed on a pit latrine slab to improve its appearance. The Sato Pans have a flap that seals automatically when the latrine is not in use, thus limiting exposure to flies, maggots and bad odor. The Sato Pan also makes the latrine safer for children to use and is easy to clean. The ceramic pans have a goose neck that keeps the water seal preventing bad odor. Because they are ceramic, they too are very easy to clean.

Sato Pan has a self-sealing trap cover that shuts out flies, maggots and odor
Sato Pan



Pit latrine upgraded with a Sato Pan
An upgraded pit latrine









Proper sanitary facilities (toilets and latrines) promote health since people are able to dispose of their waste appropriately. Every sanitary facility is worth investing in, through cleaning and maintenance to keep people safe from disease.

Write up by Akong Deborah, Public Relations Officer at Sanitation Solutions Group. Email:

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